If you use digital devices frequently or for work, purchasing a blue light filter can be an easy way to reduce your exposure. These filters are available for smartphones, tablets, and computer screens and are often available at any location where electronic devices are sold.

Some devices may even have settings built into the device to reduce the amount of blue light emitted without affecting the visibility of the display. Consider also lowering the brightness to prevent eye strain which can be especially important if you are viewing your device at night or in a darkened room.

Blue light protective lenses can also help to better guard your vision from the dangers of everyday blue light exposure. These special-purpose glasses are available without a prescription and can be routinely worn anytime you would use an electronic device or when working on your computer.

For those who don’t already have prescription lenses, prescription blue light glasses can be purchased to optimize vision use. Additionally, patients who do require prescription lenses can also consider adding a blue light protective coating to their lenses.

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