Choosing an Optometrist

The health of your eyes is just as important as the health of the rest of your body. However, a lot of people disregard just how important optometrist attention is and just schedule an appointment with the first optometrist they find listed. To make sure you do not let the health of your eyes fall by the wayside, it is crucial to take your time when choosing an optometrist.  Here are a few things you should know when you are in the process of narrowing down the choices for the right optometrist for your vision care needs.

Choose an Optometrist with Experience

The optometrist that can offer the most comprehensive care is one that has experience and education. At Personal Eyes, Dr. Marie Homa-Palladino, O.D. has years of qualifying experience and has been thoroughly educated in optometry practices. She is skilled with treating patients of all ages, helping patients with contact lenses, and even in vision correction. Because Dr. Homa-Palladino has years of experience, she takes a hands-on approach to caring for each of her patients in a personable, personal fashion and has the skill necessary to give proper care. This is the perfect example of what you should be looking for in an optometrist for your own vision care needs and the needs of your family.

The Convenience of Full-Service Optical Shops in the Office

It is a common misconception that all eye doctors offer an optical shop on sight, but this is not always the case. Some doctors will have you get exams at one place and send you with a prescription for lenses at a completely different location. At Personal eyes, we have a full-service optical shop right here, which means you do not have to be concerned with a gap in service when you visit us. You will see the doctor for treatment and step into the optical shop in the same visit to choose your frames or get fitted for the right type of glasses.

If you would like to know more about choosing the best optometrist for your vision care needs, never hesitate to give us a call at Personal Eyes, LLC for advice or to set up an appointment.

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