What type of results can you expect from Ortho-K?
We aim to provide clear vision without the aide of glasses or contacts during the day. Higher prescriptions may take up to 6 weeks to achieve maximum vision but some patients experience excellent vision after just two days!

How are these different from regular contact lenses?
Ortho-K retainers are custom made and designed to specifically fit your child’s eye and prescription. They are hard retainers and may take some time getting used to them but after a few weeks they are less noticeable.

What age can my child start Ortho-K?
We have patients that range from 7 years old – 60 years old. If they are comfortable putting contact lenses in and taking them out then they will be ready for Ortho-K!

Does Ortho-K work for college students?
Absolutely! We fit many college students from the D1 athlete to the bookworm and it works great for them.

How do I know Ortho-K is the best option for my child?
Dr. Homa-Palladino will discuss with you and your child the different options for achieving myopia control. She will also gather a series of measurements that will help assess what type of treatment will be best.

“I started using Ortho-K contacts about a year ago and all they have been is great! I don’t have to worry about the hassles of disposable contacts anymore. The fact that I can swim without having to worry about losing a contact, and I am still able to see clearly is remarkable. I also love how you don’t have to worry about your contact drying up or falling out during the day anymore. Ortho-K makes my life so much easier, I’m glad I made the switch”. – Julia

“Ever since I started using Ortho-K lenses, I have forgotten that I don’t have perfect vision. Every morning I wake up, take my contacts out, and don’t have to worry about my eyesight until I pop the contacts back in at night. At Personal Eyes, they always make me feel welcome and are very kind and flexible with my schedule. I couldn’t ask for a better eye care team!” – Jessica R.

*Please note: Each treatment needs to be monitored by the doctor and will require a few appointments throughout the year