March is Save Your Vision Month

March is Save Your Vision Month, and here at Personal Eyes, LLC., we perform comprehensive vision exams that look for refractive errors and eye health problems.

Diseases and Habits that Can Negatively Affect Your Vision

The modern world can be hard on your eyes, but advances in diagnostic technology and treatment can help your preserve your vision. Today, we can successfully help you reduce the stress on your eyes while working at a computer or using mobile devices, and we can diagnose eye diseases, like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD at extremely early stages before they cause severe vision loss.

  • AMD – Macular degeneration most commonly occurs in individuals over the age of 60. It causes central vision loss if it is left untreated.
  • Computer and Electronic Device Usage – Special glasses for computer use and taking frequent breaks can help you with computer related eye strain.
  • Diabetes – Diabetic retinopathy causes swelling and leaking in the blood vessels in the back of the eye, resulting in progressive vision loss. It is caused by chronically high blood sugar levels.
  • Glaucoma – Glaucoma is caused by an increase in the pressure in the eye that damages the optic nerve.

Comprehensive Eye Exams with our Optometrist in Paoli

Our optometrist in Paoli would like to remind you to schedule your annual comprehensive eye exam this March. Comprehensive eye exams check your visual acuity and overall eye health. During your exam, we will check for signs of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and AMD. We will also ask you if you have noticed any changes in your vision or eye pain that could indicate dry eye or computer vision syndrome. If you need glasses or contacts, we can write you a prescription and fill it in our optical shop.

To schedule an appointment for an eye examination with our eye doctor in Paoli, call us at (610) 647-2502. We are located at 1776 East Lancaster Avenue.

How are you protecting your vision this March?

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