Corrective eye wear shouldn’t interfere with your vision, and it definitely shouldn’t cause or complicate an eye condition. However, many people continue to struggle with hard to fit contact lenses. Here at Personal Eyes, our optometrist will treat and relieve your discomfort with your hard to fit contact lenses. Over time, straining to accommodate hard to fit contacts may cause additional problems. Poor fits and irritation may also be red flags that point to other, underlying problems. No matter what, it’s important to get to the root of your discomfort and correct the problem right away.

Dr. Marie has years of experience with hard to fit contacts. Learn more about our diagnostic screenings and custom solutions for hard to fit contacts, including specialty contact lenses and medicated eye drops to relieve irritation.

Diagnosing Eye Discomfort & Vision Problems

Do your contacts migrate across the surfaces of your eyes? Do your eyes get dry, red, or painful after wearing your lenses? A variety of common eye conditions, vision problems, and lifestyle factors may cause these problems, but you need an accurate and precise diagnosis to find out exactly what’s wrong.

Common Causes of Hard-to-Fit Contacts

Your contact lenses may cause problems if you suffer from one of the following conditions:

  • Dry Eyes – when tear ducts don’t produce enough lubrication, contact lenses may feel “stuck” or increase redness and irritation
  • Astigmatism – blurred vision caused by a bulge on the front of your eye; contacts can’t always conform to this irregular curve
  • Karataconus –  cone-shaped bulge may form as this condition thins your cornea, making traditional contact lenses very uncomfortable
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis – GPC inflames your inner eyelids, and contacts with built-up protein deposits will irritate it further
  • Presbyopia – age-related condition that makes it harder to focus on objects close-up

Our Diagnostic Methods

If your contacts are uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or ineffective, we will perform a thorough evaluation and use revolutionary technology to find out what’s wrong. Your diagnosis may include an eye exam to assess your eyes with and without contacts. If your contacts don’t conform to the curvature of your eyes, we will also use digital corneal topography to map your corneas. This precise technology allows us to analyze each eye’s surface and calculate the curve, so we can customize a lens that fits.

Treating the Causes of Hard to Fit Contacts

If you have one of these eye conditions or vision problems, you may benefit from specialty contact lenses and other customized eye care solutions.

  • Gas-Permeable Contacts – retain their shape to correct blurs, limit protein buildup, and reduce pressure and bulging associated with kerataconus
  • Scleral Contacts – bigger lenses for more stability on irregular corneas
  • Toric Contacts – lenses that stay in place to conform to corneal bulges
  • Bifocal Contacts – lenses that correct presbyopia
  • Medicated Eye Drops – drops to flush out protein deposits and reduce inflammation and friction
  • Punctual Occlusion – procedure to plug your tear

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