These are a sampling of comments and feedback given to Dr. Marie Homa-Palladino at Personal Eyes.

“Daddy, so that’s what you look like.”

– Daniel, age 5, after putting on his first pair of glasses with Rx from Dr Marie and purchased at Personal Eyes

“This is the clearest I’ve seen in over ten years. I never knew things could look so crisp.”

– Rob

“Now I can finally read with my contacts in. I can’t believe [the] difference.”

– Sue

“I was having migraine headaches and Doctor Homa-Palladino recommended I come in for a comprehensive eye exam. After a thorough exam, she determined I need to wear glasses full-time. Her staff helped select frames perfect for me, the glasses arrived in a few days, and fit beautifully. Now that I wear them every day, my headaches have all but disappeared. Thanks Doctor Marie!”

– John Ferrero

“I’ve been wearing glasses for 30 years. I’ve never seen this clearly before! I love Personal Eyes!”

– Cathy

“So this is how I’m supposed to see. Wow, this is clear! You were right, Dr. Marie.”

– Brian

“What a relief! Thanks to Dr. Homa-Palladino I can see clearly again. My (former) optometrist could not provide me with a contact to correct the blurred vision in my right eye. Trial lens after trial lens just lead to frustration. Even a referral to check for signs of an early cataract turned up nothing. That is when I decided to call Personal Eyes. Marie gave me a very thorough exam. She recommended a lens right on the spot that had immediate results. I couldn’t believe it. Problem solved. Thanks Dr. Marie! And thanks to her friendly, knowledgeable staff my contact order will arrive at my door, insurance taken care of and rebate coupon in hand.”

– Laura

“I was told I could never wear contact lenses. You were able to fit me on the first try. Thanks! I’m telling all my friends to come to Personal Eyes.”

– Sue

“I can’t believe I waited so long to come to see you!”

– Haley

“This is by far the best exam I’ve ever had!”

– Nicole

“My son never realized what he was missing in school until he put on his new pair of glasses.”

– Megan