OrthoK Testimonials

Isabella C.: I have been going to Personal Eyes for 10 years now and can thoroughly say that Dr. Marie is the best! I have gone through so much with Dr. Marie including Ortho K and then transitioning back to normal contacts and glasses. She truly cares about her patients and is always available to help combat any issues I face with my eyesight. She has even been able to squeeze in an emergency appointment with me on the weekend or text me advice if I am having issues. I have had such a positive experience at Personal Eyes and I really recommend it.

Noelle D.: I found Dr Marie because I wanted to try Ortho K (correcting my vision while I sleep so I don’t need contacts or glasses during the day). She has been awesome and the Ortho K contacts have changed my life!! No more glasses, no more annoying contacts that are blurry and dry out my eyes. Just crystal clear unimpeded vision. She’s an expert and I feel my eyes are under the best care.

Colleen P.: I have been seeing Dr. Marie since I was around 11 and now I’m 20 and my whole family sees her. She is amazing and kind. I started with a checkup and regular contacts and now use ortho-k contact lenses which changed my life. The atmosphere in personal eyes is warm and welcoming. They take many precautions regarding COVID-19 as well. I highly recommend Personal Eyes if you are looking for an eye doctor for any reason.

Becky W: DR Marie treats our family like her own. As a result of her care, our daughter’s vision has improved, she wears lenses at night and nothing during the day! We consistently get great service and appreciate the calm demeanor of all the office staff.

Julia: I started using Ortho-K contacts about a year ago and all they have been is great! I don’t have to worry about the hassles of disposable contacts anymore. The fact that I can swim without having to worry about losing a contact, and I am still able to see clearly is remarkable. I also love how you don’t have to worry about your contact drying up or falling out during the day anymore. Ortho-K makes my life so much easier, I’m glad I made the switch.

Jessica R.: Ever since I started using Ortho-K lenses, I have forgotten that I don’t have perfect vision. Every morning I wake up, take my contacts out, and don’t have to worry about my eyesight until I pop the contacts back in at night. At Personal Eyes, they always make me feel welcome and are very kind and flexible with my schedule. I couldn’t ask for a better eye care team!