I have had over 25 years experience in eye care and have seen many innovations in contact lenses over the years. I fit my patients in the most comfortable, healthiest lenses achieving the best vision possible. – Marie Homa-Palladino

Dr. Marie started in the optical industry, specializing in contact lens over 25 years ago. Over that time, she has helped infants, children, teens and adults with their contact lenses.  She understands that not every contact lens is for every patient. We are committed to taking the time to assess your individual visual needs, your desires, and your ocular health, and fit you in the most appropriate and comfortable contact lenses. We have successfully helped many patients who had been unsuccessful in the past or who had previously been told they were not a contact lens candidate.

The contact lens part of your exam is performed in addition to the Comprehensive Eye Exam.  Dr. Marie is a virtual perfectionist when it comes to your contact lens health and vision. Extra time and expertise is used to assess, refine and finalize your prescription.

Your Contact Lens Examination Includes:

  • Visual acuity measurement
  • Conversion of glasses to contacts Rx
  • Determination of dominant eye
  • Balance of right and left eyes
  • Corneal curvature for proper contact lens design
  • Corneal integrity
  • Corneal sensitivity
  • Eyelid evaluation
  • Biomicroscopic observation of the eye
  • Tear flow analysis as it relates to quality and quantity of tears
  • Tear film analysis as it relates to contact lens comfort
  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of proper contact lens position
  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of proper contact lens movement
  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of proper contact lens coverage
  • Diagnostic contact lens selection

WHY we DO recommend specific contact lens solutions for your particular contact lenses:

  1. Science and formulation to obtain the best compatibility with lens material
  2. Performance in clinical studies for microbial disinfection, wetting, moisturizing and protein removal
  3. Convenience for you
  4. Performance in peer reviewed literature

All this to enhance your contact lens wearing experience and make it the best it can be.

Why we do NOT recommend generics:

You never know exactly what you’re getting from one bottle to the next.
You may get an old formulation that’s not as effective.
The solution may not be compatible with your specific lenses.

Quote from Dr. Marie: “I LOVE what I can do for people with contact lenses.  It is not always simple or straightforward. I embrace the challenge.  I strive to give your eyes the best vision, comfort and health that you are capable of achieving.”