Your First Appointment At Personal Eyes LLC

Like so many other types of medical facilities, we ask our first-time patients to fill out some important documentation, including their medical history, current medications you may be taking and any known eye conditions you may have. This data is extremely important because it helps direct our optometrists’s attention toward any special circumstances or concerns that may be affecting your eye health and function. An underlying disease such as diabetes, for instance, can make you unusually vulnerable to retinal problems that can lead to permanent vision loss, while certain medications can dry out your eyes and cause chronic irritation. You can download the forms right here on this site and then fax or scan/email them to us beforehand, sparing you the need to arrive at our office early just to do paperwork.

During your first eye exam at Personal Eyes, our optometrist will discuss your eyes, vision, general health, lifestyle (such as whether your work requires you to look at a computer screen all day long), any any discomforts or other symptoms you may be experiencing lately. You’ll take a series of simple evaluations so we can see how well your eyes are working, both individually and together, as well as a vision test to determine whether you have any refractive problems that are causing nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia. If you need glasses, we can write the necessary corrective lens prescription for you right then and there. If you’d prefer contacts, a separate appointment will be made specifically for a contact lens fitting.