Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a condition where distant objects are blurrier than near objects. Myopia is becoming increasingly common in the United States and around the world. You might not know it, but high myopia is actually one of the leading causes of legal blindness!

Not only does Myopia affect your vision, but studies have shown that those who are myopic are also more at risk of a variety of other ocular problems (including retinal detachment, abnormal blood vessel growth, cataracts, and glaucoma).

There are ways to prevent the progression of myopia, and the younger the person is the better our treatment process will work! Although no outright cure has been discovered yet, we do offer a number of treatments that are able to slow the progression of myopia. These treatments are non-invasive do not require surgery.

We are dedicated to the health of your eyes. We work with patients of all ages and are happy to answer any questions. Dr. Homa-Palladino is a Myopia Management specialist and our practice has all of the latest technology to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible!

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